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George C. McKinnis
Bronxville, NY 10708

George C. McKinnis was first elected as a Justice of the Bronxville Justice Court in 1994 and is presently serving his sixth four-year term, which ends April 4, 2018.   He, with the aid of many others, created a system for use by his Court and other Courts of criminal jurisdiction that sentences selected criminal defendants to a year of therapies and interventions under Court supervision.  This program is in lieu of incarceration and is fully described in the page of this Site entitled “Community Restorative Justice.”

Under New York State law, a sitting Justice is not allowed to participate in any solicitation of charitable contributions and he is not allowed to be a participant in partisan politics.  There are many other ethical considerations and prohibitions that are applicable that apply to a sitting Justices whether he or she is on and off of the Bench.

Articles | Lectures

  • Strategic Associations for Entrepreneurs

    George C. McKinnis gave the attached lecture to the IEEE’s New Haven Chapter.
    Download here

  • A Legal History of the Software Industry

    George C. McKinnis gave the attached lecture on the SW industry to the Connecticut Bar’s Computer and Patent Law Section.
    Download here

  • Commencement Address Concordia College

    George C. McKinnis gave the attached Commencement Address at a Concordia College graduation ceremony.
    Download here

  • The Trial of Socrates

    George C. McKinnis gave the attached tutorial on the trial of Socrates to an Honors Seminar on Great Trials.
    Download here

  • Intellectual Property Tutorial

    The attached is a tutorial for the use by the general public on the basics of intellectual property.
    Download here

  • Tutorial on Shareholder Agreements

    The attached is a tutorial on the basics of shareholders agreement for use by the general public.
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  • Announcement of Restorative Justice in the Bronxville Court