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Articles | Lectures

  • Strategic Associations for Entrepreneurs

    George C. McKinnis gave the attached lecture to the IEEE’s New Haven Chapter.
    Download here

  • A Legal History of the Software Industry

    George C. McKinnis gave the attached lecture on the SW industry to the Connecticut Bar’s Computer and Patent Law Section.
    Download here

  • Commencement Address Concordia College

    George C. McKinnis gave the attached Commencement Address at a Concordia College graduation ceremony.
    Download here

  • The Trial of Socrates

    George C. McKinnis gave the attached tutorial on the trial of Socrates to an Honors Seminar on Great Trials.
    Download here

  • Intellectual Property Tutorial

    The attached is a tutorial for the use by the general public on the basics of intellectual property.
    Download here

  • Tutorial on Shareholder Agreements

    The attached is a tutorial on the basics of shareholders agreement for use by the general public.
    Download here

  • Announcement of Restorative Justice in the Bronxville Court